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The WHY Behind the Products Selected for THE SHOP

As I thoughtfully curated the debut collection of products for THE SHOP, there were certain criteria that were non-negotiable for me in the selection process. Since THE SHOP is an extension of the Abundant Habitat brand and the core ethos of our interior design studio is to holistically create spaces that support a person's whole wellbeing, each product included in the shop is also intended to do just that. Below are my 3 non-negotiable criteria for the process of product selection and the WHY behind each one.

1 ALL products have been sourced from WOMAN OWNED businesses. Supporting women makers in their creative endeavors and being an advocate for their amazing products is so important and personal for me. Seeing women succeed in life and business brings me so much joy and I want to highlight these women makers through my own brand and business.

2 ALL products are HANDMADE. This means each item is made with intention. The care and quality in which products are made leaves an energetic imprint. It is so important for Abundant Habitat to incorporate items that have been thoughtfully produced and created with the best ingredients and materials. As with everything interior design related - the details matter.

3 All products (depending on type) are either ETHICALLY SOURCED, ECO FRIENDLY, or created in SMALL BATCHES. Sustainability, carbon footprint reduction and the use of people and planet friendly materials and ingredients are super important when it comes to selections for THE SHOP. This means the way in which materials are harvested, whether ingredients are organic and non-toxic, and the use of recycled materials are all key aspects that were taken into consideration when sourcing products to offer in THE SHOP.

You can SHOP the debut collection of candles, incense, soaps, decorative objects and more on the Abundant Habitat website, through the Abundant Habitat Facebook page or from Abundant Habitat's Instagram profile. I can't wait to hear how you love the products as much as I do!!


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