Breaking 5 Myths About Interior Design


Hold on to your pearls! I'm breaking down 5 myths of interior design.

Myth 1: "Good" interior design has to be expensive. 

Good design is based on 3 holistic principals that I use as the foundation of my business. Home, Body and Soul. Do your furnishings work in your space (home)? Do your furnishings function in a way that meet your needs? (body) Do your furnishings make you feel like the best version of yourself and bring you joy? (soul)

Myth 2: If I want "nice things", a designer will charge more.

As a designer, I choose to work on a fixed fee/per project payment structure. This means my fee is what is and doesn't change if I'm sourcing furniture from Target or Restoration Hardware. It's based on the job, not the cost of the furnishings.

Myth 3: An interior designer won't "get my style".

A professional interior designer will not only "get your style" but will take your vision and put it on steroids and create a space that never felt more like you!

Myth 4: An interior designer will "make me get all new things".

If you have a favorite vintage chair or artwork that you absolutely love those are things that designers want to work into a design for you and draw inspiration from. Stripping you of the things that are uniquely you is not what design is about.

Myth 5: I can just do it myself.
FALSE. Ok... you could, but should you?

Interior designers have a special skill of seeing completely empty OR completely full spaces in a totally different 3D configuration. Size and scale, texture and material, the best layout, how the flow of traffic works, the right amount of lighting... the list goes on. And you don't know how many clients have come to me frustrated and tired with money down the drain saying "I should have just hired you from the beginning!" However, I know a lot of you are determined to DIY it no matter what so I've created a little something to help you DIY it the best!

Abundant Habitat's DIY Design Summer Camp starts July 16th. And the best part is, it's happening online (so in your own home). And the other best part is that you can do as much or a little as you want on your own timeline because you'll have the content forever. YAY!

We will focus on kitchens, living rooms, outdoor spaces and accessorizing any space. If this sounds like fun click this link for more details and get yourself signed right up!